Artspace Irène Mueller

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Location Plan

Directions to the Artspace Irène that is located in the Victoria area (building J; first floor)


On food from the Swiss Railway mainstation in Baar:

Please follow enclosed Map; the distance from the mainstation to the
Victoria area is about 600 meters.

By car:

Enter the following final destination in your Navigation tool:
6340 Baar, Jöchlerweg 4
You will reach your destination at the "colored bird".

Crossing Mühlegasse/Jöchlerweg:

On the left you will see a yellow letter-box, in front of you the
"colored bird" and to the right, an office building and Honda garage.

Turn immediately to the right after the "colored bird".

1352288034311.jpg 1352288064580.jpg

You are now in the Victoria area (in front of you building G) with parking lots and the Entrance to the buildings G, H & J.


1352288122064.jpg 1352288175561.jpg

The iron staircase with the different plates leads you to the first floor of building G; inside please follow the signs that will finally bring you the Artspace Irène which is located in building J.



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